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In a world where the Only CONSTANT is CHANGE, LEADERS are required to adapt to an ever-changing business environment, to be flexible & agile, and to demonstrate progressive intellectual and emotional capabilities to lead the organization to achieve its goals.

Success is linked directly to the growth of managers and employees, and to personal and professional well-being. Insight Out offers managers guidance in the review, design and implementation of internal processes to increase organizational effectiveness and ensure.


Training & Facilitation

Leadership Development Programs –our Leadership Development programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of the organization and the participants and include models and theories, role playing, simulations and mutual learning. Participants get to practice their new learnings and insights through "homework" which they try out in the real world between meetings.

Personal Effectiveness Workshops – There are infinite perspectives in our world, and each has their unique point(s) of view. When stuck and unable to think of a solution, the more we expand our movement the broader our vision, when we change our point of view, we reveal new perspectives. This powerful and moving workshop will allow you to expand your perspectives, take a deeper look into the things that matter in your lives and examine them from new angles to arrive at new possibilities and solutions.

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Interactive Workshops

COVID-19 changed our ways of working, so Insight Out adapted its facilitation and training materials to create online workshops that use the benefits of technology. Our online workshops offer an experiential interactive training that is engaging, fun and educating.

Finding your Calm in Stormy Times – an interactive online Resilience workshop to boost participants' ability to cope with difficult times. During the workshop, participants take a much-needed deep breath, connect with the wider community, and to their individual resources that provided them support and comfort throughout their lives.

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